Digital Product - celebrating the launch of the Harrier AI ANPR cam.

We love the launch of a new digital product at Bulb. This one brings together skills from throughout the studio to realise something special with our friends at QRO Solutions.

November 10, 2023

Harrier AI Camera, Digital Product Design

Digital product success.

We love it when a plan comes together…

It’s always great to celebrate a job well done with the team at Bulb, so I thought I’d share that love a bit more widely than the confines of 25 New Walk, by celebrating a piece of digital product work which launched today. It really has been a team effort over the last couple of months, pulling in the talents of most of the members of the Bulb Studios team along the way as well as those of long time collaborators to deliver a multi-faceted project with our friends and partners at QRO Solutions.

The Bulb Studios digital product design process in action.

This project is exactly the kind of project we love at Bulb Studios – blending cutting-edge technology with user-centred design, digital product expertise and digital marketing strategy to create multiple deliverables and covering a wide range of services – digital strategy, motion graphics, 3D visualisation and animation, digital engagement, content creation and front end design/development.

Understanding the Vision

The first step in any project of this nature is to get under the skin of the digital product through consultative discovery sessions. The two teams worked together to explore the product and its capabilities and began to define preferences for tone and visual style in the context of the potential audience and the marketplace.

Crafting the Narrative

The next step was to begin to craft a narrative that resonated with the target audience whilst communicating the quality and feature set of the digital product clearly in order to connect with the requirements, needs and aspirations of potential customers. Our approach combined technical detail with feature applications, showcasing not just what the camera can do, but how it makes a difference in real-world scenarios… and crucially how this is presented visually.

Deliverables – Design and Development

Design and development is always a collaborative effort. The Bulb team worked closely with the QRO team, sharing and discussing progress and iterating constantly in order to ensure accuracy and efficacy of the deliverables at every stage from conceptualisation through to production.

A collaborative launch.

The unveiling of a new product is always a momentous occasion and we’re proud to have played a part in the product launch of the Harrier AI ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera, a pioneering new product designed and built by the QRO Solutions team.

The Harrier AI ANPR Camera

The Harrier AI camera is part of QRO Solutions’ commitment to driving innovation in security and surveillance technology. The state-of-the-art Harrier AI camera employs advanced AI algorithms for unparalleled accuracy in a diverse range of applications which include:

Vehicle Make, Model & Colour Detection

Pedestrian and Cycle Path Monitoring

Traffic Flow Analysis

Stopped Vehicle Detection

Parking Management

Mobile Phone and Seatbelt Use Identification

Vehicle Speed from Frame Analysis

Harrier in action

More information on the freshly launched Harrier AI camera and our work on the project can be found here:

Ready to collaborate?

If you’re curious to explore how the Bulb Studios process could benefit your next product launch, how 3D visualisations might improve understanding of your products or want to learn more about digital products and digital marketing, drop us a line to or pay us a visit. We’re always happy to talk digital.