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Presenting automated tech as human tool

As technology becomes ever more entwined in everyone’s businesses, it’s sometimes difficult to promote tech as a human tool. A warm digital innovation that was built to benefit people rather than just an organisation.

Hirestream’s AI-powered software automates tasks to give recruitment teams more power and more time. This offering needed to have a digital presence that retained the look of a tech start-up yet was totally simple and human.

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Discovering Hirestream’s audience

The use of artificial intelligence and automation within a traditionally personal process made this a challenge. Working closely with the Hirestream team, a Discovery Workshop clarified the mission to build this brand around the human benefits of the software and the empathy involved in the brand story.

Snippet of copy from Hirestream website, reading "AI-powered recruitment for the modern SME"
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Brand design driven by flow and nature

Hirestream’s brand identity was led by the time-saving nature of their digital product. Our design team worked hard on creating a logo which spoke to the idea of productivity and flow, and the calming power the software grants users. Supporting the logo was a selection of distinctive iconography, friendly typography and a colour palette informed by nature.

Another important aspect of Hirestream was their story. Created by a team of recruitment professionals, with the knowledge and experience of what most pains the industry, the through, considered user experience design and clear user personas reflects this appreciation of the industry and the acknowledgement of the problems that need to be solved by Hirestream’s end users.

Homepage on Hirestream website

Website copywriting with a friendly tone of voice

The team at Hirestream cared not just about how their brand looks, but also how it sounded. Hirestream needed a voice which sounded empathetic but smart and forward-thinking. The new website also contains subtle hints to the benefits of flow and power within the software, achieved through the narrative and tone.

We also worked closely with Hirestream to create a defined set of brand guidelines, which can be continued for use within future marketing efforts, social media content and customer service. With these visual and verbal tools, the brand’s beginnings were strong, succinct and scalable.

Post-it notes from Hirestream Discovery Workshop
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A tech brand with empathy

We love partnering with start-up brands with purpose and vision. Hirestream had an incredible digital product which is ahead of its time and needed a brand to suit. Our job was to inject a bit of warmth and ensure potential clients understood Hirestream’s mission.

The brand and the website had to achieve goals and with a new, attractive digital presence and brand identity, Hirestream were able to secure a number of sought-after integrations and clients from targeted industries.

Homepage on Hirestream website

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