User Interface design and development for the automotive industry

How to design future interfaces for the automotive industry

Working collaboratively with major automotive brands and industry bodies to research, design and develop driver displays.

Designing future interfaces starts with a research and development project. We work closely with our clients in the automotive industry to research user requirements and iteratively test interface designs, often developing proof of concept technology in parallel. In bringing together seamless, intuitive interfaces and truly useful, intelligent technologies we are able to create better mobility experiences.


The obvious realisation for this work is in driver UI, HMI and HUD, but our work has extended beyond onboard digital displays. Working with research and development partners we have developed interfaces and technology in a range of fields:

AI and machine learning software systems and interfaces

End-to-end proof of concept systems for off-board vehicle control and customisation applications

Adaptive and context-sensitive displays and notification systems

Customer-facing mobile applications in the field of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV)

Understanding the challenges and possibilities of future technology through interface design, motion graphics visualisations, prototyping and the creation of full technology demonstrators.


Our work starts with R&D but we have worked across technology readiness levels, seeing interfaces through to production and applications to global launch.

Future HMI

Improving onboard experiences through intelligent, intuitive and usable interfaces.

Intelligent Systems

Developing artificial intelligence and machine-learning-driven systems to make lives easier and experiences safer and more rewarding.

Connected Experiences

Employing connected technologies in meaningful ways for better, cleaner and smarter future mobility.

Autonomous Mobility

Exploring and understanding the potential for the next generation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

Offboard Control

Extending the scope of vehicle control beyond the driver’s seat – customisation, personalisation, programmability and learning.