Privacy & Cookies

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files designed to hold information specific to website visitors. The information can be held by a webserver or a computer.

How do cookies work?

The information stored by cookies allows people to use the details to tailor pages specific to users or the page can use the data in the cookie to carry information from one visit to the website or related site, to the next. Cookies only use data that has been volunteered by the user or that a webserver already has stored.

Web Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor website performance and at no point will Google Analytics be used to track or collect personally identifiable information of visitors to the site.

Disabling Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be disabled across all websites by going to or by disallowing cookies from being saved by the browser.

How can these cookies be disabled?

Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at

Alternatively, you can accept or reject cookies, even if you have previously selected a different option, using one of the buttons below: