Why you should choose a Headless CMS for your next project

Learn about a recent enhancement to our development process that might improve your next digital product.

September 23, 2022

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Better product design improves how we live our lives. It’s why we've invested nearly fifteen years into understanding how to make digital products more meaningful and digital-first brands more impactful.

At Bulb, we regularly review our development processes and technological recommendations, in order to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for our clients, as well as ensure our websites perform optimally. One advancement which we are extremely excited about is the utilisation of Headless websites. As a result, we are adopting this as a primary technological approach moving forwards. Let me explain why..

What is a CMS?

Historically, each unique webpage had to be created by an experienced web developer. Content Management Systems (CMS) were created as a means of allowing non technical editors (the likes of you and I) to publish content on these webpages, without needing to edit the code, or worse, accidentally mess up the design because you selected the wrong thing.

There are numerous CMS’s on the market, all with varying levels of complexity and structure. However traditional CMS’s all have one thing in common- everything is ‘bundled’ together; the CMS acts as an interface in front of the entire website’s code. The front end (what you see on the webpage itself) and the backend (the code which contains all of the data and functionality) are tightly coupled together and are loaded at the same time when you access a website.

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Faster development, faster time to launch

When developing a traditional CMS, you need to develop the CMS & front end separately. This often requires two developers, who need to work separately. The development of a Headless CMS is far quicker than a traditional CMS, as the developers can work in parallel.

At Bulb, all our developers are able to work on both the front and back end of our websites, which speeds up our development time even further- reducing project timelines considerably.

“What's important to us is the spirit of independence that runs through our studio.”

Increased security and reliability

However there’s no need to worry about ‘going rogue’ and negatively altering the user experience. At Bulb, our helpful support & maintenance packages have you covered; we will help advise on any required changes of this nature, selecting the best pattern from your library to utilise, whilst making sure the user experience remains the priority. Then the change itself is done in minutes in the CMS- no more waiting weeks to get a new page commissioned, or a pattern removed. This means you can better utilise your time and energy on insightful content and customer engagement.

So if reliability, security, flexibility and reduced project timelines all sound good to you, let’s have a chat about how you could benefit from a headless solution.

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