Digital design collaboration event - 'Bitter Sweet' - wins at Leicester Business Festival.

Bulb Studios’ Bitter Sweet digital design collaboration event with Create Leicester wins the award for 'Most Unique Event' at Leicester Business Festival.

November 22, 2023

Bitter Sweet digital design event in full swing

In an enchanting blend of innovation, digital design, brewing skill and culinary artistry, the Bitter Sweet event hosted by Bulb Studios in collaboration with Create Leicester was honoured to win the award for the Most Unique Event at the closing celebrations of Leicester Business Festival.

A fusion of flavours and digital design in Leicester

The ‘Bitter Sweet’ event, brought a refreshing twist to the traditional business gathering format. Held in the cosy, vibrant setting of The Two-Tailed Lion in Leicester’s historic Greyfriars area, the evening was a delightful amalgamation of insightful discussions on design and branding, paired with an exquisite beer and dessert tasting experience and an opportunity to put generative AI tools through their creative paces.

Bitter Sweet digital design event pairing tasting session

Leicester Business Festival: A Catalyst for Digital Innovation

Leicester Business Festival, an annual event in the East Midlands business calendar, serves as a platform for local companies to showcase their innovation, share knowledge and foster collaborations. It’s a festival where creativity meets commerce and ideas transform into meaningful business impact.

Leicester Business Festival is the largest business event in the region, it is recognised across the UK and draws a spotlight on Leicester and Leicestershire, demonstrating the region’s business strengths, its innovation and highlighting its huge investment potential.

The ‘Bitter Sweet’ Digital Design Experience

At ‘Bitter Sweet’, attendees were paired with creatives from the Create Leicester digital design community — staff from Create supporters including Bulb Studios, Cite, Arch Creative, CGI UK and Effect Digital provided sage advice and insight about what brand identities say about the businesses they represent.

With the creatives’ advice fresh in the mind, the Bulb Studios team weaved attendees’ answers to seven simple questions into a prompt for a Generative Artificial Intelligence tool which gave everyone a chance to see how AI would interpret their brand vision – needless to say, the results generated a lot of discussion and some deep thinking about AI as a tool in the digital designer’s armoury.

Bitter Sweet digital design event AI generation in progress

Born of the creative mind of Jim Willis, Bulb Studios’ Managing Director, Bitter Sweet’s inventive approach provided a unique sensory and intellectual journey, encouraging attendees to think outside the box while indulging in finely crafted local produce.

Recognition of Creativity and Originality for Create Leicester Events

The accolade of the ‘Most Unique Event’ is a testament to the originality and creativity that the Bulb Studios and Create Leicester teams brought to the festival. It highlights their shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional business events and bringing together the Leicester business community through digital design. Integrating elements of local culture, a beautiful local pub venue, decades of digital design experience and cutting-edge generative AI technology created a truly memorable experience for all involved.

Bitter Sweet event pairing tasting table

Reflections from the Organisers

Reflecting on the success of the event, Jim said “If you have an idea for an event, no matter how odd it seems 🦇 💩 Just go for it! This was the first time the Create Leicester and Bulb Studios teams put on an event at Leicester Business Festival and they smashed it, bringing together a wonderful group of local businesses”.

Future Create Leicester events

The success of the event has energised everyone involved and has the team thinking about new ways of combining innovation, digital technology, creativity and remarkable flavours to inspire businesses and creatives alike.

This thinking means that Create Leicester will continue to innovate in digital event delivery in Leicester, with new ideas to engage with specific audiences in the planning for 2024 alongside the regular programme of FREE quarterly events for digital creators, producers, managers and administrators in Leicester.

At Bulb Studios, as we continue to pioneer in the digital design space, events like ‘Bitter Sweet’ are a great, fun way to help us to engage with and learn from the local business community with inventive and engaging experiences… watch this space for what we’re up to next in the worlds of technology, design and Leicester’s digital community.

For all enquiries about future Create Leicester events or to have a no-obligation chat about how we might be able to collaborate with you on your next digital idea, drop us a line to or book a free call with Jim here:

Jim WIllis with LBF award for most unique event - Bitter Sweet event