St Martin's

Serious about online coffee retail with St Martin’s

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Developing a robust e-commerce solution for an independent coffee and tea merchant. St Martin's is strong B2C locally with burgeoning national B2B trade opportunities.

Services provided

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Our role was to help St Martin’s grow their scalable wholesale business. St Martin’s is an independent trailblazer and we’re proud to say they’re our friends.

With the emerging wholesale strand of their business key to their continued success, we switched our focus to a mobile-first online presence.

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By observing the experience of customers and management, our UX designers streamlined ordering and repeat ordering.

We also optimised the functionality of their site to enable long-term search engine marketing campaigns on a budget.

After launching, there was an 80% customer conversion rate and 100% of the website’s development cost was covered in the first two months of trading.

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