John E. Wright

Reinvigorating John E Wright online

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Redefining the way a national printing company does business online. John E Wright’s website was in a bit of a state after years of piecemeal development.

Services provided

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Over the years and through many collaborations we’ve built an enduring relationship with the people at John E Wright.

By learning how their business operates we’ve been able to match their online performance with their offline business.

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Our ambition was to revolutionise the website. We introduced clear naming conventions, rapid response design and a subtle new digital identity to complement the simplified navigation.

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We made sending files a breeze using a clever Dropbox implementation and built the site on the familiar WordPress platform, so everyone who needed to could make changes.

After launching, the results have been successful with 9,000+ page views in 2014, traffic increasing by 72% and bounce rate going down by 38%.

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