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We designed, developed and launched the Go I-PACE app alongside Jaguar Land Rover and Spark44. Go I-PACE automatically tracks driven journeys to provide a real-life simulation of Jaguar I-PACE ownership - demonstrating through journey maps, projected battery range and estimated cost savings, how an I-PACE would fit into users' lives.

Services provided

  • UX/UI design
  • Research & development
  • User testing
  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • Node.js
  • Python development

The challenge.

For any driver, the move from ICE to EV can be a challenge.  Infrastructure concerns, range anxiety and lack of knowledge often outweigh the financial, environmental and lifestyle benefits of electric vehicle ownership when making a vehicle purchase decision.

Go I-PACE works to allay concerns, remove range anxiety and inform users through a live simulation of I-PACE ownership, based on the users’ actual vehicle usage.

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Our Approach.

We were approached by Jaguar Land Rover to explore digital solutions for accurate and objective assessment of EV suitability by users.

Working with Jaguar Land Rover’s Electrical Engineering Research & Development team, we took our early concept work for an automated journey-tracking app to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage.

The key requirements were to require minimal user-input in order to produce rich journey data with minimal mobile device battery-usage.

Several design, development and refinement cycles resulted in a functional prototype and success at extensive user trials which were designed and managed by Bulb Studios.

The next stage was to work with Jaguar Land Rover’s Digital Innovation team and internal communications agency; Spark44 under the sponsorship of Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation. Working together, we developed the prototype into a fully realised, global consumer app which was launched on the app store in the summer of 2018.

The finished app displays vast amounts of complex information and data in a digestible, interactive, beautiful format. Go I-PACE allows users to see their vehicular journeys in detail, comparing ICE data with EV data to provide an illustration of an EV lifestyle and to project key information such as cost savings and likely range.

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Technical implementation.

We collaborated with Jaguar Land Rover’s Engineering and Research Data Lab teams to develop purpose-built app-side logic and server-side algorithms which digest and interpret mobile device data to accurately output vehicular journeys only, filtering out all other forms of transport.

Cloud-based algorithms and intelligent device movement detection on the user-device-side combine to produce a lightweight app which elegantly display complex data in an easily-assimilated format.

Go I-PACE has been rolled-out globally to excellent critical acclaim and supported the launch of Jaguar’s first EV.

Download Go I-PACE here to see how an EV could benefit your lifestyle, finances and the environment.


Images courtesy and copyright of Jaguar Land Rover.