Domino’s Pizza

Hitting the back of the net with Domino’s Pizza

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In the moment mobile based customer engagement and reward system. How to give passionate football fans a reason to cheer regardless of whether the results went their way or not.

Services provided

  • Native Development

Gamifying a customer’s experience of your brand is a popular concept.

Our market research tells us that incentivising your audience – or using, in this case, free food – is the best way to achieve your gamification goal.

Domigoals was an app developed to allow new and existing customers to win a discount voucher as part of a targeted campaign.

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This engaging and highly addictive app was built to help increase Domino’s fan base and increase sales.

Our in-house native development team built a solid platform that relied on live data from football matches to execute discount codes to customers.


Our solution was robust enough to handle up to 86,000 app users and up to 342,000 vouchers being distributed. It proved to withstand the test of time as it was recommissioned to support the Fifa World Cup and Euros.