Opus Trust Marketing

Adapting their digital identity to reflect the changing needs of the business, through an engaging, dynamic website.

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As a leading communications specialist, Opus needed a website that delivered insightful information on a variety of services they offer, aimed at both existing and new customers across a variety of sectors.

Services provided

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development


We worked closely with Opus’ marketing team to improve the information hierarchy and structure of the website, allowing efficient navigation and easily accessible content.

Opus’s expertise on a wide range of sectors needed to be featured clearly. Engaging content and clear calls to action were key, helping to promote Opus as thought leaders within the marketplace and helping them stand out from the competition.

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Flexibility a must

The website framework had to be flexible to allow Opus to add further markets and services easily.

By utilising Opus’ video content alongside contextual information on their services, Bulb helped utilise the large variety of considered, targeted content produced by Opus in a range of forms – providing a rich, exciting experience for users.

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‘Connected, Intelligent Communication’

As a company that pride themselves on personalised customer communications, promoting the company’s success was an important part of the brief. Carefully crafted designs helped reflect Opus as a forward thinking company and innovator. Our designs clearly demonstrated the valuable work Opus has done through statistics, infographics and iconography.

Implementing key statistics allows users to digest the information at headline level, but also gives them the ability to read further should they wish.

Implementing subtle animations, and creating a bespoke map design has further reinforced Opus as a dynamic company who readily adopt the latest trends and technology.

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Web Development

Responsiveness was essential to ensure the website can be viewed across the full gamut of screen sizes. Our tried and tested mobile first method has helped certify an optimal viewing experience for all users.

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Delivering tangible results

By delivering a contemporary and professional website, Opus now have a tool that reflects the exciting ethos of the business, that can adapt and grow with the company as they continue to target new business and expand their services.

The team at Bulb are a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge and expertise in the world of digital platforms is first class. They are highly professional and are able to grasp the needs of the client extremely quickly and provide advice and guidance on the best way forward.

Gail van Dijk
Opus Trust Marketing - Head of Marketing