Higher Horizons+

Building a digital platform to deliver outreach information about higher education to young people.

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Higher Horizons+ required a brand new website to promote key information and activities on university-level study to young people making decisions about their future.

Services provided

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

Engaging users

Our objective was to assist Higher Horizons+ in engaging students, parents and teachers with a responsive website that guided them to relevant information and a range of outreach programmes.

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Efficiency in simplicity

Our aim was to create an effortless user experience that allowed users to quickly identify key information on university outreach programmes and loan calculations.

Clear information hierarchy ensured the important details users wanted were a minimal number of clicks away, while crafted micro-interactions aided the refined user interface.

The look and feel of the website is all about simplicity and an effortless user experience.

Minimising the number of clicks and displaying comprehensive content has helped users to quickly identify important information on university outreach programmes and loan calculations.

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Keep it simple

Clear advertisements on activities, relevant hub information and details on funded opportunities were our key areas of focus. Finding information on nearby events and activities is simplified through a three-step sequence:

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Web development

Our mobile first, responsive development approach has helped the Higher Horizons+ website render seamlessly on contemporary browsers and devices, optimised to ensure the best user experience.

Advanced technologies such as the eligibility filter, interactive loan calculator and in-depth site analytics has helped ensure high levels of engagement with users whilst reducing staff workload and overhead costs.

Bulb have always got innovative, creative ideas for engaging young people, schools, and teachers, and work hard to ensure the vision and functionality we have as clients is delivered, often in a better way than we had imagined.

Hannah Merry
Senior Network Officer

Delivering tangible results

Our combination of a contemporary look and feel while offering a diverse range of activities and information have helped Higher Horizons+ achieve a high number of activity bookings.