English Institute of Sport

Supporting the team behind the team at EIS

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Helping the English Institute of Sport realise their vision of being ‘the world leading institute in high performance sport’ through a new approach to its online presence.

Services provided

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Development

The English Institute of Sport website was in urgent need of updating to reflect the evolution of the organisation, the changing nature of digital communication and to ensure the website projected a positive and accurate reflection of the organisation.


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Bulb Studios won the competitive tender after analysing and interpreting website data and focusing on the workflow through of the site.

There were a number of key areas to address – lack of mobile accessibility, poor page load times, limited social media interaction and inconsistencies in layout, structure and navigation flow.

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By introducing better UX and UI design solutions, we managed to improve navigation, workflow and retention to keep users on the site.

We provided each page with greater transparency of content and better affordance as to where users were on the site.

Furthermore, working closely with the English Institue of Sport team, we built a back-end system that was flexible enough to deal with the ever-changing landscape of sport.